viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

365 characters painted in 365 days

You can see how Benjami's painting has evolved since I last filmed it in May, he has added quite a few characters.

Watch him explaining the 365 characters on his painting:

By the way eventually I will slowly  re up load all the videos on this blog because those of you who have been following this blog will know that  I had a channel on Blip TV.  I chose Blip TV  because I thought it was less strict than You Tube with regards to the copyright of music and as Benjami often puts records on when we are together and I am filming him so I opted to up load all my videos on Blip tv, however Blip TV have decided that they only want certain type of videos and have removed all the videos that are not what they want. So I will have to re upload them either on You Tube or Vimeo as my idea was that this page would be a sort of archive of Benjami Tous life & work.

lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

Benjami shows us his work in progress: his latest big painting

Barcelona, 4th of May 2013

Benjami shows us his work in progress: his latest big painting which is full of his favorite characters from cartoons, advertising, actors & actresses, the good and the bad, and last but not least LOVE.

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Benjami dresses up as Virgen Mary to Mari Fukuhara's new album

Here in the video below you can see Benjami Tous dresses up as the Virgen Mary to Mari Fukuhara's latest album:

Mari Fukuhara plays piano whilst Benjami Tous paints

As I mentioned in my previous post on Friday I went round to Benjami's studio to film Eldys Vega rehearse playing live music to Benjami whilst he paints.

Mari Fukuhara, is a Japanese pianist, who is in Barcelona until the end of March to see her sister Yuri and promote her latest album. I took Mari to Benjami's studio to meet Benjami and Eldys and she asked Benjami if she could also play the piano whilst he painted.

Here you can see Mari playing the piano whilst Benjami paints a solitary Japanese  elephant

This is the second half of the painting of the lonely Japanese elephant:

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Oh no it's certainly never boring, around at Benjami's studio

Back in December I organized a music hall type event and Benjamí Tous painted a painting  accompanied by Eldys Vega the Cuban Pianist on the piano.
Since we have decided to hold smaller events. As from next Sunday 3/3/2013 afternoon come and enjoy a nice Sunday English lunch you can be entertained after lunch  by Eldys Vega,  Mari Fukuhara and Benjami.

Today I went round to  Benjamí's studio to watch  Eldys and Benjami rehearse.
I took with me to the studio, Mari Fukuhara, the Japanese Pianist and composer, sister of my friend Yuri, who is in  Barcelona until the end of March promoting her latest album.

Here you can watch Benjami and Eldys:

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Benjamin's studio 13th of October 2012

Afternoon with Benjamin

Yesterday I went round to Benjamin's studio and he showed me his latest paintings:

We then went & had lunch in a very nice vegetarian restaurant called Teresa Carles
It was funny because Benjamin is following a special diet as he has had an upset stomach for quite a while so he had to ask if it was possible to make him a poached egg.  The owner of the restaurant came over to our table and she happened to be a lady I had been introduced to a few weeks before at a vermut event during the fiestas de la Merce. A very nice lady and we all got chatting.
We finished our meal and then headed down the ramblas to the Boqueria market so that Benjamin could buy "berros y manzanas" watercress and apples.
Benjamin ordered 1 apple of each type of apples they had.  I must say I did find it a bit exaggerated that they said they all cost the same: 2,50€ a kilo. Outrageous!
We then strolled on down the Ramblas and went to see what exhibition they had on in the  Arts Santa Monica.

"All the birds of the world" is an exhibition that reflects and stirs the concepts of aggression and violence in nature that originated in formal and phonetic similarity of the words "Lead-Pen" "Plom  and also in the their semantic fields.

At the show, you can see three facilities that have a common thread:
The transformation, poetic objects and purpose in the practice of hunting, particularly the hunting of birds through the concepts of "Melt" and "tamed".

The first, entitled "Melt" are a showcase where you can see the title of the exhibition "All birds of the world" lettered typography made ​​of lead, resulting in a series of cast bullets lead ammunition. We also found the gun, which has been transformed, the butt of wood has been carved the word "melt".

In the second installation ("tame") there is a text, written with a pencil attached to a riffle and you can see the text being written with a riffle on paper , Olivier Messiaen called "Olivier Messiaen et les oisseaux" that speaks intimately to of his work as a musician and the sound of birdsong and the music that defines excellence.
Also, you can see a video that includes images of the action and a voice reciting the text.

Finally, we see a sound work (lead-lead) that uses the vibration  that  the birdsong causes in the membrane of a loudspeaker to shake and jump a series of lead bullets ring out from inside a glass dome disposed on the same speaker, thus, produce sound.

After that we walked and chatted down by the old port Port Vell